Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hytone Ebony Angel M.

Ebony Angel is a registered RHBAA. she is 3/4 Tenneessee Walking Horse and 1/4 Missouri Fox Trotter. There are talented champions in her pedigree including her grandsire Spotted Saddle Horse and Missouri Fox Trotter - WGC Night Hawk, on her dam's sire's side and Midnight Sun on her Dam's side. Her dam is the beautiful BL/W Anna Cleopatra (when Anna's gaits were tested the commisioner exclaimed that she was "ate up with gait"). Ebony Angel's sire is " The Fonz". Ebony Angel loves to swim and you can see her (the one with just the head showing in the water) in the first picture above.


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  2. Hytone Ebony Angel M. has been SOLD and will soon be joining Clifton and her new family in Texas.

    1. Hi this is the owner of your hytone ebony angle could u give me a call

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