Tuesday, June 8, 2010

For Sale: Eros' Perfect Starlite M

Eros' Perfect Starlite M aka Kody

TWH # 20901349
Born - 4/30/09
Sire - Eros GGF
Dam - Pride's Own Perfection
Color- Palomino / Sabino
Markings - Four stockings, bald

Outstanding color, conformation and temperament.

Palomino / Sabino colt with four stockings and bald face foaled April 30, 2009. Sired by Eros GGF. This good minded yearling colt is stunning and easy to handle. As Kody has matured his color has turned more to cremello with brown eyes. Contact us for price.


  1. This gorgeous colt has been sold and will soon move to his new home in Nevada. He has been such a delight ever since he was born and we will certainly miss this young stallion!!!

  2. Hello I’m new owner of Eros, he is located in Miami Florida. Most general stallion I ever met. I would love you share pictures with you of him.
    Our Best wishes
    Deimante and Eros